Am I an idiot when it comes to moving my level into unreal?

So I’ve recently created my own test map for getting textures and characters walking around in unreal engine (I just barely picked it up and am currently studying it). I made the city in blender, and I was going to export it into unreal before I started texturing everything.

However, now that I’m about to do it, I’m not sure if I should have created all the buildings and meshes into separate fbx files, or if it is all alright as it is in one big package. Which would be easier when moving this over as far as texturing is concerned?

Sorry for asking, but I figured a bit of knowledge would save me a lot of pain as I try to get everything working. I can’t seem to find anything about importing an entire level from blender into unreal engine. Only things like characters and other singular objects.

It’s better when you use those buildings as separate assets as in the ue4 you can place them as single objects + you can cull them + you can use LOD’s on them :slight_smile: -> so when they are separate objects in your file, you just have to disable “combine meshes” in the import settings

And regarding the textures, you should assign them in blender first and use the same textures imported in Unreal.