Am i allowed to sell a C++ or BP System (like an Inventory) on the Market?

Hey guys,

i thought about selling a complete Inventory System with Documentation and maybe a Video that explains
most of the functions.

Till now i only saw 3D/2D assets or soundassets on the market. Am i allowed to sell something like this
or do i have to sell this by myself?

Does this kind of “project” fall under the fees of Epic Games contract?

Can i upload Videos and PDF files with the project in the market?

Thanks for the answers (:

As far as I know Epic is working on a way to make BPs able to be shared via the marketplace.

Something doesn’t work easily as it seems so right now you can only really sell plugins.

However there will certainly be a need for stuff like this as well as particle systems (which I haven’t seen yet either) and all that good stuff.

I wouldn’t be too sure if there will be videos and PDF additionally to your code however you can certainly include a tutorial BP (a way to show the user around through the editor via a Blueprint in which you code a tutorial type of thing. It’s what epic currently uses for the first time “Hey, new to the Blueprint editor?” for example.

They can be repeated as often as necessary so if you want to include a good documentation you could take a look at that.

And there’s always the possibility to provide videos, pdfs over other private ways so creating them most likely wouldn’t be a waste of time.

Ok, so i would have to wait till they update the Market for something like this.

The “Hey, new to the Blueprint editor?” stuff is made with BP? o.o Isn’t that made with slate in the Editor Code?

Yeah i could make a tutorial inside the Project itself, but i kinda feel like this would be a waste of time compared to a good video tutorial or documentation inside the BPs and inside a PDF.

They have recently talked about it in a livestream and since very recently in the 4.5 preview patchnotes it’s also listed under “Learn Resources”.

It’s going to be awesome with community tutorials coming to the editor!

Uh, that’s awesome. I always miss the patch notes :smiley:

Ok thanks for your answer so far.