Am I allow to share a project?

Good Evening,

If have got one question about the license terms for the unreal engine 4.

I worked in a little Company and they produce filtersystems and so on.

In this company they use a rotary feeder for their work and they create a animation on youtube which is not very good,

so I make the same animation with the Unreal Engine 4 in better.

My question is:
Am I allowed to upload this project on youtube or share this with the people in this company?

Regards UnrealCry

You can share your UE4 project with others if you like, but you can’t share UE4 itself with anyone other than another licensee. And depending on how the animation is used, a royalty could apply.

What do you mean with “Sharing itself?” does this mean that I can share it on youtube but dont between the members in the company?

Yes about the remuneration for this “licensee” I understand.
So this is their own Youtube Chanel of this Company.
How do I figure out whether I can set that on youtube with a paid licensee or with my “Start” licensee.

The animation is used like a demonstration How a rotary feeder works in a very simple way. All the models, who are in this project belongs completly to myself.

Noninteractive content on YouTube is royalty free anyway.

I mean that you can’t share UE4 code or tools with other non-licensees. It doesn’t sound like you’re planning on doing that.

Yes if you have credits.

Ok that’s nice :slight_smile:

Should I named it that this project is made by the Unreal Engine 4?