Am having so many issues with cooking / packaging.

Ok so i made a Post on AnswerHub .
It explains my current promlem and have all logs i can find, currently the only logs i get its from the Output Log.
The other ones don`t seem to be created, also the error/ descriptions i get of them.
Are generally not helpful, and do not explain the real issue.

When trying to search up stuff like this its next to impossible to find answers.
And problems like these I guess also is always somewhat different depending on Application/ Game.

Now i have tried everything I can think of.
Asked around and debugging, testing and testing.

But i can not get it to Cook / Package.

I would be very happy if you guys improved description/ explanation of potential errors.
It would help a lot on trying to solve issues like this.

Thanks for reading.

Yes in fact alot of the tile maps have several _ in them.
Some folders to, did not know that was a problem, i will make the changes and get back with a update asap.

So I got it cooking and packaging now, the _ for the map names was definitely one of the culprits.
Details will be available on answerhub after i get some sleep.


Hmm this is odd, I have a map in our game (UM_EarthMapScaled) - that packages for both PC and Android. Wonder if this was fixed in the 4.8.1 hotfix?

Hey i posted the details on my steps to get it working again on AnswerHub if anyone is intrested…
But I think a new AnswerHub post will follow wery soon on way it complains about my code when building/ packaging in editor.
But it all works when building from Visual Studio.