Always remember to lock your door!

this is not really the place but i have to tell someone.
last night i saw a side of myself i never knew really existed. ive always been able to keep calm and think clearly in extreme situations and it very much came into play last night. im a non violent peace lover but i now know i would be able to cope if things took a turn for the worst. my lizard/monkey brain does not panic and takes control in an effective way.

i was outside at the back of the house having a cig before bed. i just happened to look round at the door and saw some guy creeping around in the house.
he was just heading back to the front room and had his back to the door, i slammed it into him as hard as i could shouting and swearing at him in english (i live in france atm).
he looked surprised and said no no this is my friends house (in french ofc), i told him again to get out and he just stood there making lost puppy kind of sounds lol. so i gave him a decent shove towards the door, he turned round and repeated what he said before. so i kept shoving him towards the door saying get the f* out ect, i even had the presence of mind to form a sentence in french at one point and im rubbish at french.
i slammed the door behind him and locked the door, i turned round and he had piled up all the laptops and phones and stuff ready to go the b* strd.
ive been in some dodgy situations in my life and that has to be among the top few.

if you take anything from this, please keep your door locked! they just walk in sometimes.

Next time, imagine you’re in a FPS game and the intruder is a zombie. Get your sawed off shotgun and give him some love with it :smiley:

Good it ended it with no harm to anyone and no stuff taken…

Hopefully, I am not revealing to much about myself here tegleg, but I can relate. For the most part, I am not a fan of violence. I would love everyone to just quit trying to screw each-other over.

After a particularly bad break-up, I ended up living in the slums near a disco. To give you an idea of how comfortable people were coming into my house, I once caught someone who filled one of my glasses with ice, and poured himself an amount of my gift-scotch. I actually spent that year sleeping with a hammer under my pillow.

My brother had ended up living with me for a short time, and I got a frantic call from him one day. He had holed himself up in his room, and he kept saying someone was trying to break down the door. So I rush home to find this man beating down my brother’s door. I had to drag him out in the street, and explain to him, very loudly and violently, in no uncertain terms, that he shouldn’t ever come back around these parts.

On another occasion, Girls Gone Wild had made a stop in our little slice of heaven, and brought the most deplorable rats of human beings you could imagine with them. The defining moment was when two drunken muscle-bros got in a fight in front of my door (remember, I lived next to a disco, the same disco where GGW had shown up), and they just would not lay off with the, “You come at me bro.” deal. Twenty minutes of them just yelling at each-other in a boozed stupour.

I opened my door, and asked them to leave, much more politely than the situation called for. They then tried to drag me into their fight. At this point, I knew the cops on a first name basis. They hung around this disco every night it was open (lots of stabbings and drug traffic there). I put one finger in the air, a moment later one was tackled by a 6’4" 250lb cop, and the other followed. They hit em’ so hard, that it crushed my wall-mounted mailbox.

I was a computer tech at the time, and I knew just about every business owner in the area including the local churches. The next day I made a stink about GGW, and the churches had them permanently removed from town. They’re not even allowed to cross through that town now.

Anyhow, I feel ya man.

I have had some things like that happen before. I’m 6’2. So they just ran off. But yeah, Close you’re doors! The looneybins come out at night!

Are locked doors uncommon around Europe? I can’t imagine someone having the gall to do that in my state. A good 1/3 of the population are friends with Smith and Wesson. The nerve of that one guy to pour himself a drink!

Connecting electricity wire to the door handle would be my favorite approach.

yes but only up to a point.

I can guarantee no one would want to be in my house without my permission;)

The original post smells of typical thief behaviour. I have experienced the same routine when two guys walked in unannounced into our office, where I previously worked, and they started to snoop around without even saying hi. They tried to pull a stupid excuse of “we thought this was the squash centre”. (note: it was a game development studio) They try to get your guard down by being friendly, while in fact they are scouting the place for stuff to steal. In Sweden it’s common place that they do this to later come back and raid the place. Have happened multiple times at schools and offices around the country before.

If you ever experience something similar, call the police first and then confront the person. If it’s a mistake, the police will just take some notes and leave. Best case scenario, the culprit will either still be around or nearby for the police to catch up.

Yeah, that’s a routine. Also, they will act like they are in trouble or just want to talk, so you will open your door. It’s a good way to get stabbed and robbed. In our parts we say that the sound of priming a shotgun is a universal language. Everyone around here is armed to the teeth, so home invasions are pretty rare.

no smith and western here im afraid, only mr left hand and mr right hand.
they rewrote that law in the uk after a farmer shot a burglar, your not allowed any more unfortunately. makes you wonder how much damage to a burglar you could get away with though.

I heard about that story on tv once. It’s so stupid. Protect your self and everyone gets punished. Now that’s logic!

I’m glad no harm came your way.

It’s sickening how people just think they can get away with things.

On a side note I had no idea the law was changed in the UK.
So you can’t carry self-defense firearms at all now?

~ Jason

I’ve had that happened to me a couple of times, luckily the second time my dog attacked the intruder. So nothing was stolen, the first time around wasn’t so lucky. Always be careful, even locked doors wont stop an intruder, the guy came through by breaking a window.

Dogs are perfect. My landlord had keys to our house. Then one day after we’ve been away he had his hand in bandage and one of our dogs is now called ‘the biting monster’. Go figure.

Though I wouldn’t be quite certain that in a case of real robbery she wouldn’t just bring the criminals her toys to play and show him where the cookies are kept.