Always online?

I have two questions I’m hoping someone can answer for me.

First is, do you need to always be online to use this? What if I cancel my subscription, do I need to “check in” once in awhile, kind of like Visual Studio does?

Second, can I install this on two of my computers?

I searched around before asking and was unable to find answers. Thank you in advance if you answer.

In case anybody else sees this and is wondering about the multiple installs, the eula says this:

  1. User License

The Licensed Technology is licensed to you for use by a single User. The User may store the Licensed Technology on any of the User’s computers, but the Licensed Technology cannot be shared with others (including any other employees or agents) except through a permitted Distribution as described above.

I’ve seen this answered in a few places. The answer is no. You can unsubscribe at any time. That only limits you from not getting updates, you would continue to be able to use the version you have.

As a follow up, when you login you can set it to go offline.

Thanks guys!!

Yep, you have to login at least once with a valid subscription in order to get the latest and greatest bits of the engine and marketplace content. But then, once you’ve got everything downloaded and installed on your machine, you can simply use everything in offline mode. You don’t even have to have an internet connection!

Wow, I am honored to have a developer respond to my question. Thank you sir!