"Always look at actor" Editor camera movement

Hi! I’m Miguel, project manager at Nuxot, an archviz focused studio. I have been using Unreal for architectural visualization for 18 months.

I find the “Surf the actor” feature (Shift + Move actor scrolling the mouse) a great help in Unreal editor, I love it almost as much as the “fall to the ground” (End) feature, because it is really handy when you are making a scene.

I think that another “Epic” movement of the editor camera could be added to the Perspective view: “Always look at actor”.

As you can see in this image, in “Surf the actor” mode, you press Shift and the camera will move parallel to the Actor’s movement direction.

But many times, when you are in the center of a room and you start inserting assets from the content browser, you don’t want to change the point of view, you only want to keep the actor in view range, so I propose to add a new camera movement. It would make the editor camera roll without moving to keep he actor in view, only the angle of the camera would change, not the XYZ. The actor would still move ortogonally, but the view would roll.

It could be invoked with Control or any unused key.

Do you like the idea? It would be great for my work.

Thank you.