Always have a really high number of objects loaded

Hey all,

When I launch my application, I use the “obj list” command to know how many objects I have and what classes they are. I can see that Class is always 2950, Package 800, Function 6000, ObjectProperty 6000, StructProperty 5800, BoolProperty 5000, FloatProperty 4200, IntProperty 2400, ByteProperty 1900, ArrayProperty 1800, ScriptStruct 1500 which amounts to about 54000 objects. This is tremendous (keep in mind this is a pretty big mobile game, but still).

As I go through some menus and come back and go to other menus and whatnot, I can see that this base number of 54000 objects or so are always present. So I’m thinking there is some sort of referencing problem that is happening and making every menu load every possible and usable class, even if it’s not currently used.

Would there be some way to find those referencing problems or is this a normal behavior with the engine?

Thanks a lot!