Always getting a crash related to UE4 when opening games!

When I installed epic games launcher to my pc it was working fine but some days later after I registered on unreal tournament, it started showing “unsupported graphics driver” . And stopped opening and since then my NVIDIA graphics driver also stopped working properly . Like it didn’t open games on it . So I was playing on my Intel graphics but getting a lot less performance of course. And now when I am trying to open jump force on my pc directly from the directory, it is showing some UE4 crash problem . Many games are not working like that . Also why my nvidia can’t open and run games which it can easily. I am giving a photo of what is showing when I try to open jump force but the photo is not uploading, idk why?
Also some applications are not opening like paint, and other… My real protection is not turning off and exclusions couldn’t be added in antivirus of my pc. Please do something . Please …hurry.