Always Coca Cola

I wanted to try out using a single mask for color and surface separation (single material, not layered materials) so i created a Coke Can to test it out with - I created the whole thing including model and material in about 15-20 minutes and used completely dynamic lighting, check it out.

Images seem to be broken. :\

They work for me and a few other people i’ve shown them to, try refreshing

Makes me want to drink some. It looks great, maybe add water condensation around the can, like in those Coke commercials.

Heh, i had to activate the VPN redirector in order to see them. Every site seems to be blocked in this country nowadays…

Anywho, it looks good! I agree with TheAgent though, it needs to look cold. :slight_smile:

Yeah, i wanted to add some condensation as well but i based it off this picture which didn’t have any, i may add some later though

you sure you dont work for them?

must…have coke.

Now you need to get the Polar Bear in there. :slight_smile:

You need to make the can more glossy as well

Best thing about this is, its only 40 calories. :slight_smile:

Add some water drops n reflection.

It’s not supposed to be a cold can, i am going to make a cold version later

It’s actually 140, the 1 is hiding a little bit :wink: