Alturntive tool -- Level design

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The black splotches are a known issue that is currently being looked into. To correct them, what you will have to do is paint over the entire landscape quad with a single layer of paint, then you should be able to proceed as normal. If they continue to crop up, you may have to cover your entire landscape with a layer then paint. Additionally it should be noted that you should have at most 9-12 textures (including normals, roughness, etc) on any quad of landscape. Any more will cause it to revert to the default texture until less textures are present. This is being looked at to be increased to about 32 textures but I don’t have a timeframe on when that would occur. The landscape tool in editor does have a few quirks, but once you get used to it it is a very powerful tool that can put together some remarkable scenes. Here are a few tutorials that may help you in your future development:


Thank you very much I will try that :slight_smile:

As for the other reply. I am not making just a good looking Idie game. There are tons of good looking games out there, they are a dime a dozen. I am doing a DIFFERENT type of game all together. To be honest most of my career was spent doing all the programming then creating horrible level design because we just couldn’t get the artists who were actually interested in working (Even when they were getting paid) it was a long serious problem and I was forced to do it myself most of the time begrudgingly. Going into this I decided I would actually learn 3d for real just not a passing knowledge. So before I even looked into a game engine I spent the last few months learning blender.

I guess what I am trying to say is most of my years of development and design have been doing my part then doing else’s too. This time I have the skills just do it all including sound. At this point the only road block is good voice acting. The terrain thing was standing in the way of me working on several huge coding projects which is why I was getting annoyed. It use to be I wrote all the code and then had to wait for the assets to see if it all worked right. Now I have the assets and I have to wait to get alot of design done to get to the programming LOL