Altis Life Standalone Version - does it make sense?

Hi. From some time i working on my project, technicly is going to be a standalone version of Arma 3 Mod Altis Life. For now i have core of movement and basic weapon shooting. And there is main question. People will play it or rather they will stay with classic mod to the Arma 3? Ok we have Identity game, but be serious it gameplay and graphicaly ■■■■ and my prototype feel better than this pre release gameplay. For start i want to start for main core functionality and small map extended by updates. I want to know what do you thing about this idea, because i dont want to put houndret hours of work when people dont play it in the future. I targeting into F2P model with the not invasional microtransactions.

And sorry for my English, i still learn.

Hi Luki. I had multiple Altis Life server projects in the past. Some of theme were pretty succesfull some of them weren’t. I love Arma III for it’s customizability and I think that’s why Arma is still that popular. Since I started scripting Altis Life servers I’ve dreamed of a possibility to customize even more to create the perfect real life game. A few weeks ago I accidentally saw some Unreal Engine 5 videos which showed me the endless features and possiblities this engine brings. So I decided to learn working with it.
For a long time Altis Life was the most popular Arma III gamemode but nowadays a lot of people are bored by all the endless bugs and the monotonus gameplay. But if we can add new features and can create a standalone game without all these anoying bugs, a new map but still leave the possiblity to create dedicated servers with own configurations I’m convinced that you would have a big player base which is interested in playing “Altis life standalone”. I’m a german computer science student and I want to use my freetime to develop something like “Altis life standalone”.
It’s an huge project and I’m currently looking for some support from other people with the same vision.
If you or somebody who reads this is interested to take part at this project do not hesitate to contact me via PM or via E-Mail:

Have a nice day.