Alternatives to Visual Studio (no VS at all)

Hello all,

I am trying to get back to use UE4, and I ponder: What are my alternatives to using Visual Studio on a Windows Machine?? By alternatives I mean: I do not wish to install VS at all.
Will I be able to run everything fine if I devote time to compile using another IDE? That is create and load C++ projects, use the hot reload feature etc. Any experiences someone can share?


Someone asked a similar question:

Hope it’s useful!

Thanks for the quick reply.

The question was asked almost a year ago, I wonder if still not much has changed since then. Am I better off with Linux?

Hey Baf179-

You can use any text editor of your choice to write your code, however UE4 is setup to use the VS compiler by default. It would be possible to edit the UBT to use another C++11 compiler, however this is not a supported process.