Alternatives to control rigs?


I just came over to Unreal Engine from Unity, and I want to animate in-engine like Unity’s Animation Rigging system. Unreal’s version seems to be the Control Rig system, but when I looked at the documentation and samples I felt that using this system will be a huge hassle for me. Are there any (free) alternatives to this system that will allow you to easily generate rigs? If not, then how on earth do I create control rigs? I am looking for an method that won’t take a lot of work to do so.

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There are some Youtube videos that step through the control rig. Control Rig Tutorial - Part 01 - Animation In Unreal Engine 4 | Sonali Singh - YouTube

Well I’m not that familiar with Unity but if you add in some detail of how you would do this in Unity then the simple answer is yes there are options. Unreal 4 is modular in it’s design that allows the end use to build base on the logic of how things are connected to one another with our forcing “the way” of doing things. Keep in mind that the control rig is work in progress and I believe that the final result would be the ability to apply it to any rig and make use of all the goodies that work with the base Epic rig. Motionbuilder does this and so do a few other applications as well.