Alternatives for GTX960 4GB and The Witcher 3

Hello everyone,

You all know the recently released Witcher 3 game that everyone is talking about and I’m a huuuge fan of the series.

But my PC can’t run the game on high settings, not to speak of Ultra, though I can run it fine @ medium settings. So I found a job and I’m collecting money to buy myself a new GPU. My first thought was this one, which I can get for ~250 euro - the Gigabyte GTX960 4GB.

Here are my current specs:
GPU: AMD Sapphire 7850 2GB
CPU: FX-6300 4.2Ghz
MB: M5A97 R2.0
Resolution: 1600x900

So my questions are:

  1. Is that gpu good enough to run Witcher 3 on at least High settings?
  2. Is there anything else for about the same price or a bit more but with better performance?

A GTX 960 4GB is hardly a step up from the 2GB version (according to various reviews I’ve seen), there really isn’t any GPU that is way above the rest, and can run Witcher 3 maxed for that price. I would go for the GTX 970, it will last you a while, but if you need something cheaper, I’ve heard that the r9 280x is good.

The Amd is a pretty good card.
But if you are want a better card… Then get the 970.

Just checked and found that the GTX970 costs ~400 euro, that’s fine price for me, but shall I wait for the 1000 series nVidia? I can get maybe something even better for that price?

Please don’t buy the 970… It’s still being falsely advertised… You as a consumer should not support a company deceiving its buyers regardless if it was a mistake or not… Yes it is still being falsely advertised even after the lawsuit, no not the 4gigs, its the rops and the l2 cache. Also nvidia has been claiming that its 900 series supports all dx12 feature sets except is does not. more false advertising…

Honestly with Dx12 and Vulkan right around the corner i highly suggest getting two or more lesser cards, they don’t have to be the same brand or model either. Dx12 and Vulkan work really well with multi gpu even amd and nvidia cards together. That’s where the future is, multi gpu non crossfire/sli setups. future proof yourself, a single card today isnt going to be as worth it tomorrow.