Alternative to Water Plugin?

I’ve been trying to use the Water Plugin for UE5, but I keep getting a driver removed error causing the editor to crash. Is there a good alternative for making rivers and lakes? Or possibly some fix for this? I can’t seem to find anything because every search I find is flooded with using the built in plugins.

There are lots of alternatives. It really depends what kind of effect you need.

The water plugin caters for a very specific look and feel.

First things first, try updating your GPU driver. Also try using the ‘studio’ ones, which are more reliable.

You can make your own water material. The bells and whistles you need, the more complex it gets. But a single layer water shader ( it’s actually a shading model ) will get you a long way.

Then of course, there’s marketplace offerings ( ascending order of price )

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Hey there @AdmiralMeatball! Welcome to the community! Since Clockwork went over the alternatives, I’ll focus on possibly determining your issue. When the D3D driver removed error appears it can be a number of causes including but not limited to:

1: Older or improperly setup drivers
2: Driver settings
3: TDR timeouts
4: Overwhelming the GPU

Since 4 is not a possibility with your GPU, let’s lean toward some of the usual fixes. Take a look at this post here, some of mine (and other users) have some solid fixes and workarounds: