Alternative to Unity3D KeyCode.None?

Hi all!

I have used Unity3D in the past, and i was wondering if UE4 has anything similar to its KeyCode.None.

I have seen that the EKeys struct has an entry named Invalid, and, when i add a new action binding in the project settings, its default value is None, but, if i make a Key variable in blueprint system, i cannot set it either None or Invalid.

I suppose you must be able to set a binding to None or similar, to leave it empty without deleting the binding, or maybe i’m wrong?

See ya!

P.D: To make clear what i want to do, is something similar to this:

As seen in the image, in each action you can either bind a key, or leave it empty (not bound).

No one? :confused: .

Another question: Can i define my own Keys?

I mean, in the project settings you have a list of keys to choose from.
Maybe i can create a “None” key and add it to the list?

Also, i have seen that the FKey constructor can take a FName as argument.
I suppose, if i create an FKey(“A”), it would return me the same FKey which is defined in EKeys struct, but… what if i use a custom name?

See ya!


i’m sorry that i can’t help you directly, but i know that Rama did a nice rebindable key Project and shared it with us for free.

You can find it here:!

Maybe this awesome person will answer your question if you ask him kindly (: