Alternative to Sequencer?


I don’t quite know where to start. I am looking around for other possibilities than the sequencer for adjusting and manipulating cuts.
Let’s say I have a sequence of x cuts or shots and I want to display them all or a portion at the same time in a large viewer. Something where I can judge my lighting and staging parallel between multiple shots. It would be an overview similar to an RV layout session, but right in Unreal.

Is there something out there or could this even be done in the sequencer?

can you get what you want using master sequence setup?


Not sure though if I would get it from the master. As I understand it it has one timeline and in my viewer I can only see one point in time.
I would want to see shotCamA at frame X and shotCamB at frame Z and shotCamC at frame Z. That would allow me to see the light and staging of objects through multiple camera views at any given time.

I know you can look through different cameras at the same time, but how can you define what frame you want to see in the camera.

The master sequence is more like editing tool it seems, unless there is a feature that I have not seen yet

I’ve just used PureRef with screenshots pasted into it
or scrubbing the timeline really fast