Alternative to Furioos

HI there
does any know if there is any alternative to Furioos to stream 3D Projects from unreal and embed it in website? Furioos performance is not as good as expected or as they describe it, with the worst support service ever!


I’m looking too

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Hi Folks,

you might want to check opur service. We are currently on early access. So give it a shot:

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Cool, i will test that too.

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Hello everybody,

I’d like to introduce you Vagon Streams - No Code Application Streaming with RTX Support

Vagon Streams provides you a no-code way to stream your application up to 4K & 60 FPS in minutes from your website on any device.

  • 20+ Regions - Worldwide coverage
  • Fully customizable and easy to scale up to thousands of users with a single click
  • Game Controller, Microphone, Audio support and more

You can follow the link to learn more or start using Vagon Streams to test drive.

For your questions just drop a message to to learn more.

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Eagle 3D Streaming is a leading provider of Pixel streaming services. We specialize in delivering high-quality, streaming experiences to users across various platforms, including websites and mobile devices. Our advanced streaming technology allows for fast and efficient loading of content, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. We are an alternative to Furioos for Uneal Engine. Visit the website

Hi, there~ We are Paraverse Technology from Hong Kong, we do operating a 3D real-time cloud rendering platform, just like furioos, you may contact me through

I could offer a free trial at a conditional limitation.

Try this GitHub - pingxingyun/LarkXR3.1: LarkXR3.1系列服务端程序包

Thanks for the Info, by the way Furioos platform is about to close, in October it’s over…