Alternative to "full dive" immersion

Just curious I have been interested in looking into the many roadblocks to "full dive " vr. I expect a solid 50+ years before the technology alone will be remotely affordable to begin development. Medical areas will use it first if anything in other manors. Anyways, I would love to feel and be truly immersed in a game like sao, maybe not to exact proportions but the hack and slashing with skills would be cool and very fun. So to satisfy myself and others I have an alternative. We have the tech right now to take a say 20’ x 20’ space and create a bossroom, creare a few assets which could be placed as boxes or such items but scaled to a headset so the 20x20 space lines up if you get me. Make it fps style, but multi player so you could invite a party of fair size without lagging the experience, then we could really focus on lots of animation for the boss and ai, and players, no, you wouldent feel resistance but you could jump and swing, besides in that game a sword skill did the major work for you. Perhaps have a HUD with a light sword outline which you can change or eliminate the opancy over time, hold your weapon in that slot for 2 seconds and ut activates and then cools down after, or just swing your self, I really think doing it this way would be the best bet, we can create enough effects so you would be so interested in whats going on to think you didnt have resistance on a sword blow, just change the way the game feels to compensate. Theb perhaps make other boss and unlock able items and armour, reward system based on time to complete landed hits etc… Custom weapons later on etc. I beleive this is more then achievable on a level which can allow the computer resources not to be tooo demanding… Lets just face it open world isn’t happening yet, but I could see this being alot of fun…


dark souls meets skyrim in VR? i’m in :smiley:

More or less a mmorpg thats not open world, kinda like mini dungeons or boss rooms. If it ends up being hard to have that physical space, perhaps make all the moment Dodge based and fast, kind of like a teleport but would just be a real fast camara pan with the Dodge action to your new spot, would this be considered turn based vr? I know we need to really adapt game play for vr to be truly immersive. I know for one I cannot possibly code or make any assets for something like this, all I could do is the concept art and story boarding. So unfortinently this will proboly never materialize, but I would love to see this style of online mmorpg come to be realized soon. I just really want that feeling of holy **** this huge boss is going to kill m me and is going to take a few hours to beat him down. I find the reward is much higher the more difficult a game.