Alternative to .csv data tables in blueprint

Embarrassing question from a non-programmer: I want to store the player’s actions in the game along with other variable data – but can’t figure out how to do this with Blueprints.

  1. I imported a History.csv file after making the matching struct but from what I can see in forums etc., new rows can’t be added.
  2. When I make an array, it seems to be only a list (row number and text, e.g.)
  3. plus I can’t figure out how to see what’s in it when the game isn’t running – which is easy with a data table.
  4. If I create a variable based on the HistoryStruct, that seems to work – does it?
  5. but I don’t know how to see what’s in there – which is easy in a data table –
  6. and I can’t use the Add node to add a new row to a the variable based on HistoryStruct.
  7. I also want to be able to filter the table so only those rows appear with a variable’s text contained in a Keywords column.

So what’s the best way to do this? Is there a way to make the equivalent of a data table that’s not an imported .csv file? One I can add rows to, filter, modify data, etc.?

Much appreciated, hive mind!

Someone posted an answer to this question – use an array of structs – and after I learned how to work with them, I saw that answer was exactly right. I came back here to thank them, but the answer has disappeared. So thank you, someone! Much appreciated!