Alternative Root Motion

Is there a way to add “root motion” to a bone using blueprints? Basically is there a way to force the capsule component to be locked on to a particular bone without using the checkboxes? Can I do it manually via blueprints?

Also, how does ue4 decide what the root bone is? could I not just put a hidden cube inside my character and tell unreal to follow the cube whenever I need the component to follow the animation?

Hi jakedubs,

The root bone is always going to be the bone at the top of the skeletal hierarchy and is used to “root” your character to the capsule component which, in turn, identifies the position of the character in the game and computes hit information, collision, etc. The editor will always consider this the root bone regardless of what you name it or if you call another bone the root bone as illustrated here:

If you were to export this character and try to import it into UE4, you would get an error message saying multiple root bones, even though the root in this example is called “testname” because it actually is the root bone. So apparently UE4 is both looking for a name and the actual root bone. Hence best practice is to name only the root bone, “root.”

As far as adding root motion to an individual bone, if you will explain what you are trying to do, I may be able to provide the solution.

Let me know,