Alternative OnlineSubSytems for mobile match-making

The core question:
What cloud-based match-making systems are currently supported for mobile-games?
Which is most recommended?
Where can we find more online technical set up documentation to get this up and running for our mobile-game?

Short background:
So we currently have a real-time multiplayer mobile racing game that is completely functional.
We’re running a windows dedicated server to which multiple android mobile devices are connecting and playing together on the same map.
Since we are still in development stage we’ve been using a the “[OnlineSubsystem] DefaultPlatformService=Null” which has served us well but now we would like to scale out and be able to support multiple game sessions to which a large amount of players can connect and play together.
For this we wanted to use one of the many cloud based match-making platforms (like google play for example).

Thanks in advance!

For anyone referencing this issue - we did not find an “out of the box” solution for android mobile matchmaking (like steam for PC for example).

We ended up writing our own match making logic (Python web service ) and using the unofficial [VA REST][1] plugin for HTTP cummunication between the clients and the our custom matchmaking service


I’m facing the exact same problem. I’m current developing an iOS MOBA game with dedicated server running on windows. I would like some kind of matchmaking/ listen server(not UE listen server) running in cloud. I found someone did this with GameSperks:

See the post here: https:///

But I have no idea how they did it. Wish there is a out off box solution for mobile matchmaking.


u have to create own server hosting, heartbeat listening, server list retrieving things… gamesaprk support ALL OF THOSE. ALSO MATCH MAKING. i did it. it was a lot of task.

can you give some tips, maybe links, for getting deeper in this area?