Alternative History Ancient Greece, Sci-fi


Here is one of my latest personal projects. It’s a quick animation made for a YouTube challenge.

I created the environment (interior and exterior) for the occasion.
(Exception is few rocks, books and an apple from Quixel.)

Character is a MetaHuman with some custom accessories and clothing I created for her in Blender. It was a blast and it was the first time making clothing for me.

You can see the anim here as its past the upload limit here. Artstation Album.

Detail of the MetaHuman:


Water is the water systems in UE4 and clouds are the Cloud Volumetrics plugin.
I love them as one has lots of art direction over them and can get lots of effects and visuals, whilst iterating quickly.

Let me know what you think.


Greetings Pete!

I really enjoyed watching your wonderful cinematic! It gave me the feeling of a cutscene from a game! It was very fascinating to see the scenery go by. I was like, “Wait! Go back! Go back!” LOL!

All of these questions started flooding through, such as; What are structures between the dam? Are the vehicles on the water both sea and air vehicles? Is that tower harnessing natural elements from the atmosphere of the environment, or is it releasing elements into the environment? Does this element power the city? Does the helmet mean the character is a warrior, a diplomat, a scientist? Is the apple naturally grown on this planet, or has it been imported from Earth Greece? What is that symbol in the upper right on the inside of the transport vehicle?

My curiosity is piqued! You’ve done a really great job on your metahuman, and you’ve created such a beautiful landscape! What got you interested in participating in game dev challenges?



Thank you very much for your nice words!

Haha, those are lots of really cool questions. I think I will leave them unanswered though and let your imagination fill in those gaps!

I am glad you like the MetaHuman.

I got into participating in challenges like this just as a means to fill up my time after work and practice some art.

I work full time at a studio as an Environment Artist. I love it, still from time to time I try to do personal, outside work too in order to experiment and learn aspects that I would not otherwise. One example in this case is the character art and animation.

I wouldn’t need those skills at work, not now, but perhaps in some time if I were to create my own game entirely on my own, those skills would come in handy!