Alternative construction / initialization for FPrimitiveSceneProxy, FLightSceneProxy, etc objects?

FPrimitiveSceneProxy, FLightSceneProxy, and physics proxies (etc.) only accept a corresponding UComponent reference in their constructors. Are there any current plans (in later versions of UE4 or UE5) for different (less directly coupled) ways of constructing or initializing these objects?

I’m working on a plugin where I’d like to use core engine functionality without the traditional Actor / ActorComponent model. I really want prebuilt binary engine users to be able to use my plugin, and I don’t want to resort to dirty (and most likely not portable) C++ hacks.

If there aren’t plans, I don’t mind writing this myself and submitting a pull request when I’m done.

You want to draw/do physics stuff without instantiating corresponding components?

You can always subclass the proxies (that seems to be what they’re designed for) and manually register the proxy (if that’s possible) but I’d question going against the engine’s design like this. I doubt a PR changing the core proxy classes would be accepted.