Alternative codecs for Video Encoding under Render Movie Settings

Hi, the release version of Sequencer appeared at just the right time thank you, and I’ve submitted a rendered project proposal using it. Things are looking promising. The video renders don’t play well on clients computers, is there a guide to enabling different codecs or is this feature one that is being developed? Cheers

I’d also like to know which codecs work (and how to utilize them) when rendering from sequencer.

Stil no answer? :confused:
I writted H264 but nothing happens

Hey does anyone know how this works?
I’ve tried writing libx264, mp4, h264 but no luck… Still making .avi files.

avi is a container, like MP4. They describe the filestructure BUT NOT the actual Frame-Encoding. Is there any size difference in using “h264” or “nothing”?

There were no differences what I could see

I’m getting a massive lighting glitch where after a few seconds the shadows bug up and the lighting build basically breaks. Is this issue related to the codec format I’m using/are you guys getting this issue?