Alternating event tick

Scenario: EventTick with alternating events! I would like the axis value to disregard 0==0. If the gamepad axis is -1, then I would like the rotation to remain until the axis is 1. If the gamepad axis is 1, I want the rotation to remain so until the axis is -1. Ive tried using CompareFloat, CompareInt, SwithOnInt, and Branch. Ideas anyone? alt text]1

Can I get a CompareFloat event without a == output node please?

Clarification is needed I think. 0 should be considered but not acted upon. Thus so it is in Blueprints, however due to rotation being a variable either RightRotation/LeftRotation; if the axis is 0, the capsule rotates to 0.0.0. I’m just replicating what is already happening. Hmmmm…how do I get these events from the two choices without being 0?

And then I saw it…