Alternate IDE for Windows

Hi there! I am having some annoying issues with Visual Studio not working properly. Long story short, the only way to solve the problem is to do a fresh install of Windows. (I’d do it, but time is limited for deadlines at the moment). I’m in need of important updates from my teams Git.

So what I’m wondering is if there is another IDE that I can compile UE4? I’m a 3D artist, I won’t actually be working in code, I just need something to compile the updates for the editor - that’s it. Any help in this matter will greatly be appreciated!

Codeblocks, maybe?
Anyways what is the problem with visual studio?

Hmm. I can surely try Code::Blocks.
the issue with VS is that a few months ago (when I wasn’t using it). I was uninstalling it and I think I made the mistake of uninstalling some of the packages that needed to be uninstalled last. So when I try removing the primary VS app, I get an error that VS did not successfully uninstall. I get the same problem when trying to repair VS.

I had a portion installed on my external drive since I have a SDD with limited space.

how would you set that up in the prefs though