Alternate History Survival - Artists and Programmers welcome!

Project Alaska:

Set in post war alaska 1945; The allied forces have surrendered to the axis powers and the siege of America has began. The nazis began their assault on Alaska after defeating the russians by moving across the baring sea and moving towards Ladd Army Airfield and The outlaying town Fairbanks.
Your goal as a soldier stationed at Ladd Airfield is to gather any remaining forces you can in the area that are still alive while mustering up the courage of the civilians to hold their land. Hold our land while surviving the vigors of Alaskan temperatures and terrain to become victorious!

*Multiplayer Co-op story plan
*First person combat & survival
*Military&Civilian Story Line

Team Name:
OdinWorks Games

William Lawther(@GraveBeardDelta); Project Manager, Gameplay Programmer

Roman Taveres; Programmer

This is our first project as an Indie Team; experience varies between us and our other team members(still learning thus the reason they aren’t mentioned)

Talent Required:
3D Artist for props and materials
*Experience needed to an extent(Students welcome)

*Knowledge on blueprinting and c++

We accept all walks of knowledge when it comes to this. We want to have fun, teach, and learn at the same time together while getting a game out to the public.

Check us out on Twitter: @OdinworksGS

Contact us at:

Do you have anything working so far that you can show us?