Alternate Between Two Static Mesh Along a Spline

I have a single static mesh following along a spline, which is working fine.

However is it possible to alternate between two different static meshes along the same spline?

switching between static mesh wall piece with a window and one without every other instance.

Thanks for the assistance.

Many ways to do it, it could look as simple as above.


Thank you so much.
Took a bit of working out and was about to post again asking for help, as Iā€™m not experienced with Blueprints. But managed to get it working because of your note

This is the result like said not experienced but if you notice anything that could cause an issue downline would appreciate the feedback.

Cheers again for the help.


The only thing I have since noticed is that leaving the Get Location and Tangent at Spline Point in local space it no longer will takes into account the blueprints location when placed in the level.

But switching it to World works again.