Altering the displayed text when players look at structures (structure ownership and health)

Hi. Does anyone know if there is a parent class for the text that is displayed about structure ownership and health?

Those things are located in the structure file itself, so you can change the name that’s displayed but that’s about it. There’s a fourth line for demolish timers/demolish allowed, and I cannot find that line So please let me know if you find out how to utilize that fourth line for custom text!

Ok, I am not used to these BP things, coming from and IDE background with text I can read and follow :slight_smile:

Do BP’s not have class inheritance? So there is not base BP that all structures inherit from? So if I was to make a new structure I would have to add this feature into the structure myself if that were the case.

Blueprints are easy once you get the hang of them! If you were to make a new structure, it’s best to just take one from the main game and drag and drop it to your mod, and creating a child. They all do in fact have parent classes, and there are base classes that you can start off with. There are 2 files, the structure file (PrimalItemStructure_ThatchFloor), and the mesh (Thatch_Floor, it’s a picture of the mesh with a dark blue, not cyan, line on the bottom). When you open the PrimalItemStructure, at the top right you’ll see the parent (Primal Item Structure Base Floor). Then you’ve gotta spend the wonderful time of sifting through these. If you want to make your own structure, you’ll need:

Engram (in PrimalGameData, add this to Additional Engrams)
Placeable structure (in PrimalGameData, add the mesh to Additional Structures to Place)
Item To Craft (PrimalItemStructure -> Item To Build)
Item To Consume (Mesh -> Consumes Primal Item)

Hopefully that helps!

It might help, at work so cant check for several hours, but in the “Primal Item Structure Base Floor” can I then edit the default behaviour of the “tool tip” players see? What I want to do is alter the conditions for determining if a player can see this information or not, and the way the structure health is displayed.

Also is the “Primal Item Structure Base Floor” the base for all structures or just for floros as the name suggests?

Possibly, I’ve yet to dig into it. And yes, it is just for floors. All types of structures will have base files like that.

Thanks for your help