Altering structure placement mechanic


So I’m trying to alter the way a player places structures, but I’m hitting a roadblock.

What I’d like to do is give the player the ability to “pre-place” a structure, walk around it to see if it’s oriented correctly, then fully place it.
The roadblock I’m hitting is I’m not sure how to decouple the transparent blue structure preview from the camera and just have it stay still, that way a player could see if it’s exactly where they want it.

Any ideas on how I can achieve this? Or better yet where the logic for structure placement resides?

You would probably have to build the logic in blackboard and over-ride the current logic (in C++ thats not editable).

I figured it was all C++.

What do you mean by building the logic in blackboard? I thought that was all AI related. The only Blackboard asset used in the dev kit is ‘Dino_BB’, which seems to only be used in the behavior trees, all of 6 of which are dino AI related.

You can create your own blueprints (the graph kind) and the game will run them. If you created the blueprint that told the item how it should work, this should override the current C++ code… it is possible that you will have to create the Blueprinting “foundation” of your item though.