Altering Player Movement

Whats the best way to alter player movement, run speed, jump height, etc.?
This is for the “ShooterGame” template FYI.

What about gravity?

Piece of cake, just go into character BP, and character movement, and edit all of those variables.

I figured as much but I do not see the files, or know what they are called. Have searched under character, blueprints, char, etc. Ideas?

We need more info,
Are you working out of an empty project with/without starter content.
Or are u using an example, like 3rd person.

In general, You can find a CharacterBlueprint.
Look in the top left under Add Component (Components window).
There should be something called, “CharacterMovement (inherited)”.
If you click that you’ll get a ton of charactermovement options in the right side of the screen.

If you started with an empty project, create a new blueprint, pick character.
Open it, n that should be it.

Yes mango, go into character BP, and by default in the top left corner there should be character movement, and then in the details panel, usually on the right, there should be all of the variables.

So far all I see are animations. No character BP’s.

Its the “ShooterGame” template with no mods.


Thanks for the help.

Well, there is a character BP somewhere, I haven’t seen or looked at ShooterGame before, but it should be there somewhere. Blueprints should be of type ‘Character’.

been awhile since i looked in that template but isnt it in blueprints/pawns

Open the details pane of the game mode and it should tell you the default framework classes. Look for default pawn class, that will tell you which class you’re looking for more than likely.