Altered Suspension

Hi guys im brand new to UE4 and game development in general. I just had a quick question regarding building a 4x4 game and relation to vehicle suspension. If I were to make it so the user could add lift kits to vehicles, would this require still only making one vehicle model or would I have to make one for each of the suspension stages i.e. 3 inch lift, 6 inch lift ect on the same vehicle? Would this be controlled in blueprints? Sorry if this is too much of a noob question but if someone could shed some brief light on this that would be great thanks!

You would be able to switch out components rather than making a whole new one for each option, so things would be configured where parts would attach at different points and you’d then have to configure things to adjust the overall specs of the vehicle based on what configuration you made. But as a beginner this is going to be something challenging for you to figure out. I’d download some of the vehicle examples and study those and then build from there.

Thank you DarthViper. Ill play around with some examples.