Altercore Gameplay demo

Demo V2.6 available here

link has been disabled by dropbox due to high traffic, there’s a guy on youtube called alpha beta gaming who is now hosting the file, sorry bout that, if you open the video above, he links to the file in the comment section.

The look of this game reminds me of that old game “MDK” for PC lol …
Maybe its the way the character looks. Looks awesome tho.


This definitely deserve more attention.

you made this with blueprint or c++ ?

Holy **** it does. Great looking project btw.

downloaded and definitely playing tonight

This looks freaking cool!!!

The only thing which needs work are the animations, which lacks “weight” and kinetic energy, but overall this project looks very interesting

Looks like a fun game! Great for an early demo. =)

Hey! I can make a trailer for you please contact me @

New Deno V2.6 Available now

improvements include: gameplay bug fixes, new moves, new modes, alternate weapons, improved lighting and colour grading.