ALSv4 - Turn Rate

Hi All - I know a lot of people use Advanced Locomotion System (ALS). I’m using v4 that’s written in blueprints. Are there any experts here? If so, I’d love some advice…

When using Looking Direction as my rotation mode, I want to make the character start his turn much faster. By default he looks in the direction and after a short delay will turn his body to face. I just want to reduce/remove the delay so he turns almost straight away.

I’ve tried making my own rotation curve and adding that to the MovementModelTable but it has no effect (I also don’t notice a difference by changing the different modes: Normal, Responsive, Sluggish either tbh). I’ve also set my MinAngleDelay and MaxAngleDelay to 0 in ALS_AnimBP. The ElapsedDelayTime is already 0 too. However, I can’t figure out how to make my character turn without a small delay. Any advice much appreciated!!



Have you found a solution by any chance?


Afraid not. I parked this to work on other pieces of code as I got stuck and couldn’t find a solution yet.

Hi! By any chance any suggestion on this? I am also stuck with this. :confused:

I did not. I eventually dropped ALS4 as I wanted something more performant (written in C++) that also uses some of the newer locomotion techniques.

I now use this (Kai Locomotion System in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace). It’s really good. It’s not free but worth every penny and the developer is very responsive on discord.

thanks for the suggestion. That locomotion system seems a cool idea to consider. Cheers.

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