ALS V4 Need Help

I tried to combineALS V4 with the Modular Stylized character pack that came out for free this month. This pack is also rigged to the Epic Skeleton like ALS is. It all seems to be mostly ok except for some issues i cannot figure out a fix for. I have everything setup right (to my knowledge) and even Virtual bones aswell. My character still has some hand and leg animation issues. Ill post a video of how it looks can anyone help me figure out how to fix it, or does it simply not support a modular character?

Video of issues:…annel=Firezown

Update: Ive tried Multiple other skeletal meshes and they worked fine. The only difference is this mesh is Modular i can’t think of why there would be an issue with that. Does anyone understand?

I still haven’t figured out a fix for this issue.