ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Epic Nominated

Hi there,

We at Tragnarion where nominated and so our Head of the Studio did the challenge and nominates: Epic Games, Tequila Works and Mercury Steam!

Here’s the video: ?v=RNEGEo1i1fY

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Chaaaaaaaance! Stop hiding behind that couch, nothing can save that sexy hairstyle of yours now!

Haha awesome! One sec, I’ll go get him, I think he’s at lunch right now. :smiley:

Hope you have it warm in NC :smiley: It was quite refreshing at 93.2 ºF here hahahaha

Dont forget the camera + as I see from the livestreams you guys have pretty cold water at epic games :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you only have 24 hours, right? otherwise I would prefer to see it live on weeks stream (at the end so you don’t have to sit there all wet)!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can’t do that, then at least show us the video on Thursday!

oh the Thurs Twitch stream…I like that idea…I’ll gladly wait the extra few days for that one…

Do it on the live stream! :slight_smile:

Ok, we’re working on something for . We had a few people that were already challenged. Here’s getting bucketed by and :

Haha! Poor though, it wasn’t a bucket…it was almost a barrel!

Ice Bucket Challenge is utter BS. Stop following the mainstream and think for yourself if it’s really that what it seems to be. That’s the question.

Good link there: ://www.vice/read/dumping-a-bucket-of-ice-on-your-head-does-not-make-you-a-philanthropist-813

Okay, tbh, video is hilarious though… despite what I said about the Ice Bucket Challenge being quite useless. Hahaha, nice!

Wow, just won the “longest pour” competition. Ouch!