ALS(Advanced Locomotion System)Has anyone done procedural ADS with IK?

I am using ALS-Refactored GitHub - Sixze/ALS-Refactored: Completely reworked and improved C++ version of Advanced Locomotion System V4.
I’ve tried many ways to use IK and virtual bone to make procedural aiming, but all failed.
Bone positions are always wrong, like this





New AnimBP

If I recreate an new AnimBP I’m sure it works,
but ALS is so complicated I don’t know what I have to do to get ADS to work.

Hi @Helsincy !
Did you solve this yet?
I assume you are working on a true first person project.
I am also trying to get ALS-Refactored to work for my NPC.
From what I understood so far, you would need to clone the ALS-Refactored linked animation blueprint for the M4, to make your own one with your own IK functionality.
You’d then reference that in the Overlay map in place of the ALS-Refactor M4 linked animation blueprint.

You may get more help on the ALS discord server. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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