Already downloaded Packages missing in Launcher since update to 4.1

Hey guys,

I just updated to 4.1 and am starting to check out all the new stuff and so far it looks really awesome! :slight_smile:

However, I encountered this: after updating, it asked me if I would like to reconnect the projects that I have already downloaded. I said yes, but after it was finished I only had the FX Cave in the launcher. All the other projects are missing (however, I can still access them later, so its not that important. I was just wondering if its supposed to be like that^^)


Hi Daedalus51,

I don’t think it’s very clear currently (we’re working on that!), but your 4.0 content should show up correctly if you select the 4.0 version of the engine in the combo-box/drop down selector in the upper left hand corner of the launcher. The “My Content” section is meant to be filtered by what version of the engine you currently have selected. It turns out that the 4.0 version of Effects Cave is compatible with 4.1 which is why it shows up there.