Already downloaded kit threw steam. but now epic games wants me to do it again?

im on metered data cap so cant download it all over again. so is there a way to get it to register that i already have it downloaded?

they never wanted you to download it through steam, its been stated many times many places that steam adk is dead and will never be updated

Only way I can think of is to start the download through the launcher, wait until it actually starts downloading it, then pause(I think) the installation, exit the launcher, copy over the Steam devkit install to the new Epic devkit install path and try running the install again, it should detect it all and will most likely want to verify/update. It’s not an exact science, and the two installations are slightly different so it may not work at all.

However, the steam install stopped at 206. The DevKit is now at 234, that is several GB’s of changes and new content, so you may be better off waiting either way.