AlphaComposite finally!

Holding compatibility is a very important thing in engine development. We also have to care about who will take care of the maintenance of any new feature, we all agree that these kind of tools help a lot but all has to be considered properly. So yeah as @RyanB said, it has to be considered ^^.

The good news is that it works like a charm and Unreal comes with sources so everyone is already able to use it (hence the patch file I added to make it as easy as possible to integrate it into any engine fork ^^), I will also try to maintain it myself (as I already do for some of my bigger contributions :P) for future releases.

Yusss, throwing my support here!

Yeah, please integrate this… VFX look much better/consistent in different environments and lighting situations with this blend mode.

As a compositor, and the initiator of the original “Don’t Ruin The Experience” thread on the Real Time VFX facebook forum, this is an absolute game-changer for VFX artists using UE4. Please let this happen as soon as possible, as I will be re-authoring an abundance of content, once integrated.

Thanks @Luos for the third test! You are awesome!

Nooo problem :slight_smile:

AMAZING! Been waiting for this. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

:smiley: waiting for it

I must +1 this. It’s a heresy it not being implemented already :stuck_out_tongue:

Yus please!

This is my attempt.

Hey guys Epic just merged the pull request into their master branch! This means that we will have AlphaComposite very soon!

HNNNG! thats awesome!

Is it in the 4.13 preview?

Yes it’s in the 4.13 preview

Doing quite some dancing :slight_smile:

really happy I kept nagging everywhere and to everyone to get this in.
Glad moss found me so sad he decided to create it.

ultra-hats off to Moss :slight_smile:
Anyone else noticing this? Really annoying but easily fixable bug.

This snippet of code is needed for fixing bug that caused alpha composite and vertex fog. Without this it’s impossible to get full transparency with this blend mode.

I found bug that affect mobile rendering on iOs with alpha composite and materials using detpth buffer afterwards. There is really simple fix there.

Hey, is AlphaComposite better for performance than Additive? I can’t find any info about that. In my case it’s for very frequent Canvas.DrawTexture calls, both the Additive and AlphaComposite Blend Modes suit my needs - but not sure which one to pick.

Update: Judging by this:

… It looks like it’s a bit faster…?