Alpha foliage issue. Jittery/sharp edges visible when animated

My problem video - foliage problem - YouTube

Hello guys, wanted to ask if anyone know how to fix it? I used different kinds of foliage from Megascans, animated the grass with SimpleGrassWind. Tried switching to different types of AA, Tempolar AA makes it almost invisible on the corners, but it has other weird artifacts like ghosting. So now I’m on FXAA (in the video) and ghosting seems to be gone, but… the edges now look sharp and jittery. I imagine there is a way to minimize this effect with some tweaking, and post-proc. DoF on top also might help out.

In context I’m making a cinematic short-film. Of course geometric foliage would solve this, but you know that it’s not an option for massive landscapes, and particularly if the hardware isn’t top notch. At some scenes I’ll use geometric foliage as much as I can, but still… would be glad to find a fix for this issue.

Although you tried switching AA modes, have you tried using the temporalAA node in its material to dither the edges of the alpha opacity mask?

I’ve just tried that and it doesn’t seem to work. I don’t know if I’m doing it properly, but I tried pluging it in my foliage Masters material >Opacity mask and also the same in Material instance.