Alpha creatures not getting remapped

So I’m running into this problem where I have a mod which replaces the Alpha Raptor, Carno and Rex with slower versions of them, but for some reason the game STILL spawns the regular ones. I have set it up exactly like my other remaps for example normal Carno and Titanoboa which both work just fine.

There it is. Does the game have another way to spawn the Alphas or does anyone have a clue what might be wrong?

  1. double check the mod is actually being used by going to the menu while in your session, it’ll be in text in the background.
  2. double check to make sure the speed stat is significant enough to be noticable. maybe rename the descriptive name of the creature to double check its the new one.
  3. if it isnt those 2, then it is indeed broken(probably)

Yes, I’ve done those. Also the Alphas in my mod also have a “custom” texture.

I also read the comments in this mod and it seems that one stopped working recently as well:

Could I somehow get a word to a dev about this? It pains me to not have my mod active and having to disable the alphas through the Game.ini completely.

For my Ultra-Realism mod, I disabled them in the game.ini due to this issue (I actually wanted them removed and it wasn’t working remapping them to “none” or “Dodo”)… so the issue has been around for quite a few months.

If you wanted nerfed versions in, you could remove them via game.ini and just remap or edit (TC) the relevant spawner files to bring your ones in. Workaround I know… but hey.