Alpha Brush - Landscape Material


i would like to paint with my alpha brush in my landscape material which is working but it seems that is missing a lot of details of my alpha texture.
Im quite new to UE4 so im maybe missing something obvious.

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If you scale up your brush radius way bigger, does it end up looking sharper when you paint with it? If so, you are limited by the terrain resolution. :slight_smile:

thanks for the fast reply.

not really, the edges seems to get rounded and not sharp. how can i fix my terrain resolution ?

I’m a bit curious. Can you attach your alpha for me to test with?

For sure.
I attached it.


If i set my brush way bigger it seems to be better when zooming out but when i get closer to it the edges are rounded again.
How to fix the terrain res ?


I got it working. The issue was that i applied height blend instead of alpha blend in the layer blend node.
But my brush is still blurry and not sharp as my alpha texture is.

Even the Circle Brush with falloff set to 0 (no alpha) is blurry at the corners.

What am i missing ? I think i need to adjust texture quality somewhere… i really dont know.

Hope to get some help.


I tested your alpha, there is nothing wrong happening here. Landscape has two tris per 1x1 meter. While you are painting it’s actually those tris being painted. So the tri density defines the paint accuracy. When you increase your brush size you’re having more tris within the area covered by your brush therefor more accurate representation of your alpha map.

You should use Height Blend in your LayerBlend node (like you had before) and you should hook up some heightmaps to the Height slots (they were all empty as your first picture shows). When doing that, you’ll get rid of that soft blurry transition between layers.

Ah i understand… makes sense. Thank you!

Working very well. That was what im looking for!

Have a nice day