Alone: The Untold

About the game

Alone: The Untold is a psychological story-driven horror game that focuses on immersive atmosphere, environments and terrifying experience. The game is created with 3 pillars in mind stated above. We hope and aim to deliver amazing horror and story that will satisfy most experienced horror game players.
Who we are

Tinybox Studio is a world-wide collective of a passionate players. We’ve got 4 years story behind part of our team. Most of us started by modding games like most of begginning developers. The HQ is located in Romania, however our team is scattered around the world.

Here are some of the screenshots. Some of them are WIP. We aim to update this thread as often as possible showing not only polished environments but all kind of work in progress.

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At some point of the development our game has gone through big changes thus we decided to remove old (and kind of abandoned thread) and start a new one as a sign of rebirth of the game with a new face. However i’m posting some of the old concept arts here that are still relevant and show overall game atmosphere and visuals we aim at.

Stay tuned. Next update will briefly cover plot and what character & player together will have to go through!

We’re very sorry for being silent for such a long period of time.We’ve been working really hard on our and specifically the gameplay demo we’ve released just yesterday! We want to say big thank you to Quixel for supporting and believing in us.

Please check our demo and let us know what you guys think :slight_smile:](