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Forever alone is an ongoing project create by first time indie developers. This game is going to be a survival island game however, we want it to stand out from current survival games and give the player and community our take on the genre. We aim for this game to be realistic yet still have plenty of re-playability. The player starts not knowing they are alone on the island. You must gather resources and fight for survival to help extend your time alive on the island.

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List of current features (3rd June 2016):

  • Day & Night System
  • Main Menu + Graphical Options
  • Pause Menu + No Limitation With Graphical Options
  • Island (More coming)
  • Inventory System
  • Crafting System
  • Third & First Person Views
  • Ability To Pick Up Objects Without Them Going Into Your Inventory
  • Drop & Use Functions While In Inventory
  • Ability To Cut Down Trees
  • Gather Logs From Trees
  • Varied Terrain
  • Fog System
  • Auto Fixing Camera
  • Health Bar
  • Ocean & Main Menu Music
  • Sprinting Function

Features That Are Being worked On Or Included:

  • Multiplayer
  • Weapon Animations & Holstering
  • Weather System
  • Sharks
  • Wildlife On The Island
  • Enemy Creatures On The Island
  • Trailer
  • Multiple Islands
  • Building System
  • Weight System
  • Stamina Bar
  • Large Amounts Of Items That You Can Pickup Or Craft
  • Steam Workshop Intergration
  • Trading Cards
  • Achievements
  • Day Logging
  • Saves
  • Notebook That Is Sharable Throughout The Community
  • Eastereggs
  • And Much More As Development Progresses!!

Meet The Team

Here is the small team behind everything that happens and is developed in the game. There are no outside contractors or help, everything is made from scratch.

Lewis Broughton // DJGamingX (LPS Founder + Project Lead)
"I’ve always wanted to make a game since i knew what one was! I loved the idea of being able to play with friends from across the world. Some awesome people have encouraged me to finally make a game, after many failed attempts ;), and some indie developers have inspired me to continue. I have got many ideas for games but the world isn’t kind enough for all of them too come too life so we started something more practical, Forever Alone. Hopefully people enjoy our first game and give us some feedback; if they don’t, it isn’t going to get fixed or adjusted but we will do our best to listen and improve anything that needs to be improved on!

Alex Darley // KallerDaller (LPS Co-Owner + Main Graphic/Model Designer )
“No part of game development is and easy task however, the team of Lonely Pie Studios are always hard working and that hard work with pay off into a brilliant game. I had many things stopping me from creating a game, including the disbelief of being skilled enough however, i ignored them barriers and i’m well on the too publishing my first game with Lonely Pie Studios.”

Contact Us

Any suggestions or feedback is carefully listened too and never goes without being seen. Most suggestions and feedback goes straight onto our Trello board with we update everyday. Recently our Twitter profile has been getting great feedback and we couldn’t thank you enough! Do you want to talk, share ideas or give some feedback? Please contact on one of these sites or by Email:

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~ Lewis Broughton, CEO
Lonely Pie Studios