Almost finished jobs

Hello, I am finishing 2 of my work, and would like the opnion of you my friends.

The first is a presentation for my college civil engineering, where I have to use this visualization to sell the property.
Presentation Architecture Project - YouTube****

The second, longer commercial. Aims to demonstrate the building for sales of real estate here in my town.Imperium Imóveis - Edifício Heloana - YouTube
Tips and suggestions are welcome my friends …
And please forgive my bad english …

Hi. In regards to the second video, I would personally prefer to see less, slower and longer pans than multiple quick camera pans. Pretty fancy building in the first video though.

Grateful for the tips Stephen Palmer.
Regarding the first comment, the video was done in slow pace but the guys of publicity that made him look faster in the presentation.
In relation to second comment, yes was extravagant, because was done in less than 1 week, almost without planning, an assignment for my college.
Why it was loaded and extravagant.
Thanks again and forgive my english …

I would create a second post process material for your interiors. I didn’t feel like I was entering the room when coming from the outside because there was no eye adaptation or reduction in things like bloom as it goes through windows. The sun color was also exactly the same, though I’d assume that going through any type of glass would slightly tint or distort the sun color. Maybe I’m wrong on that last part though.

Many thanks for the tip.
In this work I will not use, since I won the note promised by the teacher.
But I will use for new jobs yes
Grateful for the assistance and attention