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New AI Sense!
Ally Assist AI Sense - UE Marketplace

Hi there everyone!

As someone who’s been developing games on the Unreal Engine for several years and contributed a few engine changes, I noticed that there’s room to enhance Unreals existing AI systems.

With that in mind I introduce “Ally Assist”, a new AI Sense distributed via engine plugin.

What does it do? Close your eyes for a second and imagine these scenarios:

  • You are under attack by a sniper needing AI Mortar support.
  • Your vehicle that gets hit by a missile requiring immediate healing from a nearby healing tower.
  • You spot a high value target amongst enemy forces that you want your AI allies to attack.

All of these are possible by combining the Ally Assist AI Sense with your own behavior tree code.
The Ally Assist gives you the ability to broadcast an “Assistance Request” to nearby allied AI, allowing them to perceive you (The requester) and optionally a hostile target of your choosing (The antagonizer).

The AI will then proceed to perceive these actors provided that they are within the senses perception (targeting) range and will stop perceiving them when they exit the perception (lose targeting) range.

The following screenshot from the demo project I provide shows the result of the target “dummy” using Ally Assist to request assistance, resulting in you being targeted by the “attack tower” (red line) and it being targeted by the “healing tower” (green line).

NOTE: A C++ project is required to make use of this plugin as an engine restriction means that you cannot get/set team ID’s via Blueprint


  • Adds a new AI Sense, Ally Assist, that can be configured seamlessly alongside other senses in AI Perception components.
  • Actors can “Request Assistance” from AI within a specified broadcast range, letting them know about itself and/or the hostile harassing them.
  • Using the provided Blueprint node or C++ static function keeps things simple.
  • Customizable perception ranges allow you to control when actors will be perceived/no longer be perceived.
  • A minimalistic implementation gives you only what you need and no bloat.
  • As an engine plugin it’s easy to use in multiple projects.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask below or send an e-mail to the address below!


I’m sorry, I closed my eyes like you suggested, but then I was unable to proceed because I couldn’t read any more of your instructions.


(good thing I am a decent touch typer)

hahaha maybe the my suggestion needs to be amended to “One eye shut, one eye open” :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want to let everyone know that this is currently part of the October sale so head on over for a great deal with a low risk price!