Alluna and Brie and the Tentacle Menace

Edit - The game is now finished! Alluna and Brie on Steam

Hey everyone, first time Unreal developer here and I figured I’d make a post about what I’m working on.

Alluna and Brie is a turn based RPG/life sim that directly follows on from the events of my previous game (link -…_Nekorai_Tale/). I’m a solo developer (I hire freelancers for assets) and I made my first two games in Ren’Py and I was going to make this game in Game Maker Studio 2 as I was familiar with it and I wanted to add gameplay, but I’ve got way too many assets for Game Maker to handle and I needed to use something more advanced.

I’m using blueprint and I think it’s absolutely fantastic to use, and while I’ve still got a lot of work to do it’s all coming together nicely. Here’s some images!

Just got to say I’m a big fan of Unreal Engine, really happy with it so far.

Not a fan of such games, but it looks great!

I’ve now released the game on Steam! Getting pretty decent reviews too, even if sales are a bit slower than I hoped.